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You must be wondering what sort of people go to these extremes for one day a year, and a strange day at that, to many people's minds.  What makes people devote themselves to Halloween to the extent that they work at it year round?   Well, we believe it combines the opportunity for artistic expression with the need to be creative.  Why Halloween in particular?  Who knows!  But that bug seems to bite very early in life.


The Guilty Parties

Fate and destiny were at work when Thomas Henke and Monica DiFranco met backstage during rehearsals for a production of "Stop the World I Want to Get Off" at the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts just outside Denver, Colorado. Tom was stage managing and Monica was singing and dancing. Their first date was to see the film "Star Wars." Six weeks later Monica carried through with plans to move to Los Angeles, and 18 months later Tom followed. They eventually bought a house and settled down in the pastoral and horsy hills of Covina Heights, a section of suburban Los Angeles County with lots of open sky and a killer view of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. They have been bringing their peculiar Charles Addams-type zest for life and macabre fun to the hapless area ever since.

Tom Henke was born into a career Navy and civil service family and lived in over a dozen different houses in eight states during his youth. He holds a degree in Motion Picture Production and another in Mechanical Engineering. The first part of his career was spent in the technical side of the legitimate theatre and as an Imagineer at Walt Disney. He then spent 15 years as an aerospace engineer, and now designs and prototypes everything from Predator aircraft packing crates to wind generator blades, specializing in highly complex composite molds.

Monica DiFranco was raised in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Denver, Colorado at age 18. She earned a degree in Acting in the University of Denver Fine Arts Program and spent years as an actor, singer and dancer before switching careers to work as a computer programmer, systems analyst and project lead in Information Technology in the aerospace industry.

Both Tom and Monica have years of formal training in drawing, painting, design, art theory, art history and graphic design.

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